Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I just got shot!

So I just got shot. Do not worry. No one is dying. No blood loss was there - might be a little but my doctor says that's okay.
You guys must be wondering so let us clear the air, I was just shot with Gardasil vaccine in my left shoulder region. It is an HPV prevention(Class 6,11,17,18) vaccine that is being manufactured and supplied by MSD Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. .
After I was injected with this medicine I was told to lay down for 15 minutes to avoid any fainting scenes but that was 5 minutes ago and here I am. I thought that I was lucky enough to have known about this but this vaccine is having trouble due to lack of awareness.
The vaccine is required to be taken in three dose. Please take care that second dose is administered wthin 60 days of first dose and third dose within 180 days of the first one.
This injection is advised to be shot with before you are 26 years of age and even the leaflet says company never even tested this with any individual over age of 45 years. Make sure that when this is delivered to you it has ice packs on both side of it as temperature is required to be 2-8 degree Celsius. The injection is administered into muscles and may result in some side effects which should be consulted with from your physician. Moreover special circumstance cases like pregnant woman need to talk to their doctor before buying this vaccine even though the leaflet says there is no problem.
I hope i have done something today to further the good cause of preventative measures in India.
Take care. May you prosper and live healthy. Please consult a physician before making your decision.

PS: I ordered through the website I have referred to in the link. I had an amazing experience and would like to commend them for a job well done. Recommended.


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