Saturday, June 13, 2015

How to Install iOS 9 Beta Without a UDID for Free

As we all know Apple announced its latest iteration in the iOS family - iOS 9 - this Monday during its Keynote address of WWDC (World Wide Developer's Conference) 2015 as has been its tradition. It brings smarter SIRI, better spotlight search and many more features on board with Apple's USP for this update being better speed. Many developers are already reporting that iOS 9 has made their iPhones smarter and faster. It also brings aboard a Low Power Mode to increase battery life by upto 4 hours in case of low power availability.

Although this time Apple will be releasing a Public Beta version in the month of July for the first time but many people are eager to get their hands on the developer beta as well which requires Apple Developer Account worth 99$.

Worry not! There is a way you can get Developer Beta in your iPhone now without paying any fees. Here we go with the method.

Step 1: Download the compatible version of iOS 9 from here.

Step 2:  Connect your iPhone to iTunes and click on Backup. This is important as it protects you from any data loss in case of any kind of failure.

Step 3: After the backup is completed, click on Update Button in iTunes while holding down either Options Key (For Mac users) or Shift Key (For Windows Users). This will open a explorer dialogue box which can be used to point to the IPSW file you downloaded in Step 1.

Step 4:  Let the update complete. After the update is done, voila! you are now an iOS 9 user. The on-device setup is similar to that of iOS 8 so you won't have any problem there.

Here is a video tutorial to help you with the process.


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