Thursday, October 3, 2013

Koreans planning to unveil curved OLED phones

Smartphone tech is reaching an uber cool status these days with fingerprint based security in iPhone 5S and now the start of curved display smartphones. At this year's CES, Samsung showcased curved OLED technology with the help of YOUM series of smartphones. And now the word out of Korea is that both LG and Samsung are planning to unveil curved OLED display based smartphones in the near future.

Samsung has already confirmed a curved display phone released within the period of October to be named as Galaxy Note 3 Active while LG is taking it to the next level with their to-be-unveiled Z series (Z as in Z-axis of 3D geometry) of smartphones which is likely to feature a concave display of Full HD resolution. The first smartphone in the Z series is supposed to be in production already and will be released by LG by the end of this month.

Although the displays on both devices will be curved, none of the giants has the tech to release actual flexible phones because internal circuit boards and batteries can not be made flexible yet. Both will feature a curved unbreakable display thus requiring less bezel in the device and hence the "Active" moniker of Samsung's upcoming device.

Both the Korean giants will have to suffice with limited availability when they launch the devices as none of them has mass production abilities as of now. LG and Samsung both will launch the devices in the month of October and it will be fun to see how it affects and heats up the smartphone market.


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