Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BBM is here on iOS and Android

BlackBerry's BBM service is the granddaddy of all the messaging services and applications available today but because of its constraint of being only available on BlackBerry device, other services got a chance to race ahead in terms of volume. BlackBerry announced quite a while back that they will be release BBM service for the two most popular smartphone platforms of today - iOS and Android. It came as scheduled but was pulled back. Now, the real deal is out.

To save its servers from crashing, like they did last time, BlackBerry has come up with an unique slot reservation based system to handle the influx of the horde of iOS and Android users trying to register themselves for BBM. BlackBerry has reserved slots for those who had pre-registered on BBM.com thus allowing them to skip the slot lines.

The free messaging world is getting is interesting with the one that started it all now jumping into inter-OS waters. You can download the BBM for iPhone app by clicking here and BBM for Android app by clicking here.


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