Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Apple starts seeding iOS 7.0.3 with lots of bugfixes

After announcing iOS 7, the fans and haters of Apple, both, were left with no choice but to turn their heads towards the unveiling. After a long time and process of releasing Beta versions of iOS 7, when it finally hit the general masses, it had some anomalies which Apple has been trying to fix since then. And they just took the biggest step forward.

Apple started seeding iOS 7.0.3 today in hope to be able to answer most, if not all, the problems of its huge and loyal customer base. It fixes some of the major issues, such as iMessage activation problems, accelerometer issue and lockscreen bypass vulnerability, along with many minor issues which nagged the users in daily usage.

Although Apple has taken a step in right direction but there are still some things that can be done to improve the usability of Apple's latest smartphone operating system, something it already is a pioneer in.

IPSW (iPhone SoftWare) files for iOS 7.0.3 as well as previous generations can be downloaded from here.


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