Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apple starts seeding iOS 7 to the general public

When Apple announced iOS 7 back in June, everyone was wondering when would they be able to get their hands on the brand new OS and when Apple released beta many were able to get their hands on it without even being a developer but those who couldn't, and even those who could, were waiting eagerly for the public release to come. On September 10, during its Town Hall event, Apple announced that general public can start downloading and using iOS 7 from 18 September, 2 days before the release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The wait is now over!

iOS 7 is the major redesign in the world of iOS since the launch of the operating system. The whole UI has been transformed from skewed to flat and their is a fresh bunch of animations going on as well. For more info on the changes in iOS 7, click here.

The public release, as usual, is same as iOS 7 GM Seed that was seeded by Apple 6 days ago. It is free from some of the very annoying UI bugs that iOS 7 Betas suffered from. You can download IPSW (iPhone SoftWare) from here to keep it for a rainy day.


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