Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Apple makes iPhone 5C an official thing

Apple's iPhones have always been loved and hated but price has always been a strong factor in the hate department. Every year tech world used to come up with a dream of cheaper iPhone but this year it looked more like a reality then a dream. After all the buzzing in the rumor mill and such a long string of speculations, Apple has finally done it. In today's event, Apple has made iPhone 5C an official thing.

As rumored and said by Johny Ive in the product video, this is an "unapologetically plastic" iPhone. It is full of colors as expected and it comes complete with wallpapers of the same colors as the hardware.

It has the same Apple A6 processing unit and 4" retina display as iPhone 5 had and has the same 8 megapixel camera as well but Apple has increased the size of each pixel to 1.9 micron which should result in better low light photos. Also the front camera has FaceTime HD now. Also for the first time, iPhone 5C now also supports 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequency apart from the normal 2.4 GHz one. It comes with BlueTooth 4.0 on board but Apple is yet to incorporate NFC in any of its devices. It has new LTE chips with additional bands then iPhone 5 which supports almost every band being used by carriers all around the world and supports speeds of upto 100 mbps. To know more about LTE bands iPhone 5S can support, have a look here.

The biggest thing that Apple has introduced with iPhone 5C is the choice of colors and thank to god that Apple hasn't used any cheesy names for the colors. They have kept it simple - White, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink. Also, because it is not a normal plastic but a poly-carbonate one (like Nokia used to have in their top of the line Lumia phones), its strength shouldn't be of an issue and it takes care of the problem of the iPhones looking cheap as well. iPhone 5C is also supposed to have a better battery life then iPhone 5 on which it is based.

iPhone 5C will retail at 99$ for the 16 GB version and 199$ for the 32 GB version with a 2-year contract. Contract-free prices. Apple will start taking pre-orders along with the carriers from 13 September and a week later, on 20 September, iPhone 5C will be released in the retail outfits as well. In the first wave of availability, USA, U.K., Japan, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany and Hong Kong will be the ones getting it but Apple is targeting more then 100 countries by the end of this calender year.


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