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5 features the new iPhone 5S is supposed to have

A lot of people have been anticipating the debut of iPhone’s awaited newest model - the iPhone 5S. Generally speaking, the new model will follow the same process as the previous iPhone “S” upgrades with the iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S and iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS - the external look and design of the iPhone 5S would not be much different from the current model iPhone 5 but the difference and innovation will be with the internal features and applications of the new iPhone model. Thus, a lot of iPhone fans are asking what features they can expect with the new iPhone 5S that is rumored to be launched on September 10 and we are here with the list 5 such features that are more then likely to be a real thing.


One notable exterior update that is rumored to happen is iPhone 5S is its case color. Before it was only a rumor that a gold or champagne colored iPhone will eventually be out in the market. However, after some clarifications it was officially validated that yes there will be an iPhone that is gold or champagne like in color. The Gold iPhone design will join the traditional black and white casing for iPhone 5S. Despite some individuals claiming that the gold exterior would look cheap, Apple’s design team is capable of making gold remarkably classic, elegant, and smarter looking than the black and white designs. The first ever gold-colored iPhone will probably be of the most interesting aspects of the upcoming iPhone 5S.

Added Security

Another update and added feature that is supposed to come up with the iPhone 5S is a fingerprint sensor in the home button of the iPhone. This eliminates the use of passwords and PINs to protect or secure people’s iPhones. The added security feature was first rumored due to the recent acquisition of a security software provider, that deals with fingerprint sensing technology, by Apple and developers finding that there are similar fingerprints sensing details in the codes of the latest iOS 7 beta. The update answers the need for added security for people’s iPhones against theft and misuse by other people meanwhile lessening the worry and the problems that may arise from other people taking and using our iPhones.

Camera & Processor

It is also said that iPhone 5S will have a better camera technology that captures better images with better brightness under challenging lighting conditions and lighting settings brought about by the improvement on its flash settings. The iPhone 5S will also have a faster processor that will give users a better experience and greater performance for their iPhones.

iOS 7

The iOS 7 is Apple’s latest version of the iOS which is used in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Apple believes that it is the best version that they have ever had because it engages and centers on giving the best user experience that centers on depth, simplicity, and clarity. Naturally, the iPhone 5S would have iOS 7 running by default with of course some added features of its own. Most updates with the iOS 7 includes changes with the user interface, multitasking services, Safari features, Siri applications, Airdrop service, updates in the command center, improvements in the camera and photos, and ease of using with the notifications center. You can have a look here to know more about the changes Apple has done in their latest and greatest version of iOS.


As it is widely known, iPhone has 4 storage options to choose from with the highest being 64 GB. Because of the widening popularity and use of smartphones, nowadays even 64 GB seems to reach short for some people. According to rumors, Apple is doing improvements in this department as well like they did with iPad 4 by giving its customers an option of 128 GB memory space.

At this point, everything is just substantial and until it becomes official, all the rumors are required to be taken with a pinch of salt. But of course, the ones we have listed today are the ones that have good chances to make it to the final product but, as usual, it is just a wait and watch game for now until Apple announced the new iPhone on September 10.

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