Thursday, August 1, 2013

VLC for iOS is here

VLC is one of the most used and loved video players which can run any kind of video codecs out there and the fact that it is open-source, this free, helps its popularity as well. It has always been present for desktop Operating Systems like Windows and Macintosh but seeing the rise of mobility platforms the guys behind the VLC open-source project decided to come up with their own apps for both the major OS players - iOS and Android. While VLC for Android came out  more then 3 months ago, iOS people have been waiting impatiently for it. Finally, the wait is over!

Surely, VLC for iOS has had its share of rough times. Firstly, it was removed from the app store first time it was launched back in the starting of January 2011 on the basis of some licensing dispute and then after being successfully launched on 19 July 2013 again, after what looked like a dark time for VLC for iOS, people were not being able to find the app on Apple app store due to some glitch. But now it has come back in its full glory, obviously with its signature ability to run all kinds of video codecs, and unlike last time, this is an app built from ground time this time, hopefully, taking care of the hiccups it had before thus staying on the app store's top charts.


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