Friday, August 30, 2013

GDR3 WP8 update may contain Notification Center

Notifications are quite an important part of Smartphone OSes nowadays and as there are always some missed ones, a unified place to view all missed notifications is required where user can have a look at them instead of going to each app. Google knew that from the starting but Apple learned it 4 years into the iOS and thus incorporated Notification center in iOS 5 for the first time. People would think Microsoft might have learned from Apple's mistake but when they introduced Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8 sometime later, they still din't come up with it. But now it looks like this is about to be changed.

We all know Microsoft is planning to release GDR3 update to the Windows Phone 8 platform later this year and as the date comes closer, rumor mill starts getting more abuzz. This one is courtesy of guys over at who got a tip from one of their readers that Microsoft themselves think that lack of Notification Center is one of the major shortfalls of Windows Phone 8 and that they are fixing this with this update.

According to the tip, Microsoft is also going to introduce a new feature called "appetite" which, as name suggests, might be some app recommendation service and they are also planning to update the start screen grid. Nokia is planning to launch a 6" Windows Phone 8 bases tablet this year which may be the reason behind the update in start screen grid as Nokia is rigorously testing the GDR3 update.

Only time will tell what Nokia and Microsoft have planned for the future but one thing is quite sure, September is going to be an eventful month tech wise.


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