Sunday, August 25, 2013

Evad3rs successfully jailbreak their iOS 7 iPhone 5

According to rumors, Apple is about to release the Grand Master version of iOS 7 on 5 September so as to prepare developers for 10 September announcement of the new iPhone(s?). Although this time, Apple has already incorporated many famous cydia tweaks into iOS 7 itself but, as it happens every year, everyone has still been wondering when the jailbreak for iOS 7 will be coming. The first hints are here, courtesy of evad3rs.

This has come courtesy of the evad3rs, the group responsible for iOS 6 untethered jailbreak tool, evasi0n. A month back they posted a press release on their website saying they will release an untehered jailbreak in the month of October but now it looks like the date may be quite sooner then what they had expected.

We can just wait and watch what will happen when Apple releases iOS 7 to the public. Let's hope evad3rs have been successful so that we can enjoy our favorite Cydia tweaks and apps Apple hasn't yet incorporated into the OS.


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