Thursday, August 8, 2013

Apple releases iOS 7 Beta 5

iOS 7 is biggest change to iOS since its release. Apple overhauled the whole look and taught it some new tricks to lure the consumer of today. As its fashion, Apple has been releasing beta versions of the iOS 7 for the developers so that they can iron out as many bugs as possible before the final release. Apple keeps a tight 2 weeks gap in each beta release but due to the server issue on its developer website, they were late in seeding the 4th Beta release to the developers. But they are making up for the lost time with an early release of its 5th Beta.

The major change in this Beta is the overhaul of settings app. All the icons have been changed and some have been rearranged as well.

Apple has introduced a new security feature in this beta version. Whenever you connect your device with a new computer after a reboot of the iDevice, it asks if you trust the computer enough to share the information.

Moreover, the background of the install screen now depends on the color of your iPhone - in the way that it will same as your iPhone's color and the Apple icon will of the opposite color.

Also, the "slide to power off" button has been tweaked to match the rest of the UI of iOS 7.

Lets have a look at the complete changelog of iOS 7 Beta 5.

  • Changed icons in settings app.
  • Ability to disable Control Center while using apps.
  • A new security feature which lets you choose if you want to share your data with a particular computer or not.
  • Use of Redesigned Twitter Icon.
  • Reboot screen is white for White colored iPhones.
  • Tweaking of "slide to power off" button.
  • Change in notification center bar for accessing new notifications.
  • "Slide to Unlock" sound has been removed.
  • Phone UI buttons look like buttons now.
  • Smoother and faster UI animations.
  • Better touch responsiveness.
  • The functionality of rotating panoramic wallpapers has now been removed. It may as well be a bug but for now it is not there.
So it seems like Apple has focussed its energy on tweaking the UI side of the OS with this Beta release. Moreover, this is our list of changes and if you have something to add to it, please mention it in a comment.

Note:- While Beta releases have always been available only to developers (which requires a 99$ / year paid account), you can click here to find out how to install iOS 7 Beta on your iDevice.


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