Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Windows Phone 8 gets its first torrent client

Torrents are the most popular way of downloading and sharing files these days as they have a lot of resources which are of either premium range or very low availability for free. BitTorrent is one of the most used clients for this method of P2P sharing but with the rise of smartphones people have started to use them for downloading purposes besides other purposes which is why BitTorrent was quick to release its own torrent client application for Android OS as soon as it saw the potential. But iPhone and Windows Phone have still been avoided for this purpose. Apple restricts this functionality for any application that can be published on application store but Windows Phone doesn't and that is why wpTorrent was an application that was being developed for WP8 but has been in beta for so long. Well, not anymore.!

Today, wpTorrent made it to the Windows Phone 8 store and was a big hit instantaneously because of the purpose it serves. It supports full BitTorrent functionalities with proper download and upload statistics and all the info displays you are used to in a normal Windows BitTorrent client like setting incoming listen ports. It has its own file manager and its tightly integrated with video as well as audio clients of the OS. It also has a search engine in-built and power saving settings of its own.

There are two versions, a free one which is ad-driven and with a 200 kBps download speed limit and a paid one which costs 3.99$ and has no such restriction. You can check out whichever version you want by clicking here.


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