Tuesday, July 30, 2013

iOS 7 Beta 4 seeding started by Apple

After announcing Beta 3 of iOS 7 to the developers 3 weeks back, Apple has released the Beta 4 of iOS 7 to the developers. Generally, Apple releases a new Beta release every two weeks but this time the delay was caused by the Apple Dev Center downtime because of an attack on the server.

The team of iOS Developers at Apple is making sure that with each release developers start to like the new OS more than before. This time UI animations have been tweaked along with the decrease in animation and response timings. On top of this Apple has tweaked many parts of the UI as well. First of all, Apple has resolved the upward arrow confusion present at the lock screen and now the arrow has been changed to a rightward one.

Secondly, Apple has also included a new swipe gesture in the notification center. Now you can swipe left or right to switch between different tabs in the notification center according to your requirements.
(Note:- The image below is a .gif type. If the animation is not shown then click on it to have a look.)

Apple has also changed the buttons of phone UI which have now have rounded corners.

Lets have a look at the full list of changes which is as follows.
  • Lockscreen arrow has been tweaked. The arrow the denoted Notification Center and Control Center have been replaced with a line.
  • Call Buttons in Phone App UI has been refreshed.
  • Animation response time has been reduced.
  • Minor changes to the Spotlight UI. Cancel button has also been introduced.
  • New 'Completed Uploads' Section in Notification Center.
  • Use of Initials of Last Name in Messages Application.
  • New Air-Play icon
  • New swipe gesture to switch between tabs in Notification Center.
  • HDR Toggle Button relocated to a more visible place in Camera UI.
  • New Search Bar in Reminder App
  • Visibility of Close (X) Button in Notification Center has been resolved.
  • Improved navigation in Settings App.
  • Tweaked Maps.app icon
  • Optional 'Improve Maps' opt-in program in Privacy Section of your settings (Only for US users).
  • Pin in maps App now show estimated Driving Time required.
  • Apple now asks if you want to Help Improve Maps when you open Maps app for the first time.
  • Minor changes to Newsstand UI
  • Shuffle all songs option is back in Music App.
  • Saved Passwords for Safari now gives you an option to set up an on-device password.
  • Filters are now available for Camera App in iPhone 4S.
  • Safari and Mail icons' gradient has been slightly changed.
  • Fade animation for folders located in the dock has been updated to run smoothly.
  • New iPad resolution toggle when running iPhone applications.
  • Minor UI tweaks to System Keyboard.
  • New Q&A section in Siri.
  • New 'Siri has a new voice' notification.
  • New Control Center Grabber and UI while swiping up during Video viewing.
  • Vibration and Sound Patterns can now be chosen for AirDrop alerts.
  • New 'Play Explicit Tracks' option in iTunes Radio.
  • You can now swipe down in Siri to have a look at previous activity. This works even after closing and reopening Siri.
  • A new 'Frequent Locations' option in System Services option in Privacy (Settings -> Privacy -> System Services -> Frequent locations).
  • A new screenshot detection API (UIApplicationUserDidTakeScreenshotNotification) has been introduced.
  • You can do complete set up of Apple TV through iOS 7.
So it seems like Apple has done quite some work on the functionality and UI performance side of the OS with this Beta release. Moreover, this is our list of changes and if you have something to add to it, please mention that in a comment.

Note:- While Beta releases have always been available only to developers (which requires a 99$ / year paid account), you can click here to find out how to install iOS 7 Beta on your iDevice.


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