Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Apple app store is one of the reasons for the grand success of Apple's iDevices and its ecosystems. The app store laid the foundation of application centric approach of smartphones and users. Apple is proud of its App store and on the brink of its 5th birthday (10 July 2013), Apple has sent out posters depicting the amazing growth of the App Store.

Apple's PR team has sent out a Infographic style poster to the media to celebrate App store's 5th birthday. The inforgraphic illustrates the growth over the span of 5 years and it lists important milestones in terms of number of downloads, all key devices released during the period, revenue paid to the developers and the best selling apps have been marketed as well.

Here you go with the infographic.!

As listed in the infographic, app store has received over 50 billion downloads spanning over 900,000 applications generating more then $10 billion in revenues for the developers. Talk about explosive growth!


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