Thursday, June 27, 2013

True Android fans are those that believe in and love the pure Android experience, the one without any custom bootlauncher or bloatware, that OEMs incorporate on top of core Android OS nowadays to try and ensure that their devices stand out when compared to the competition. To cater to this needs of Android purists in the top end smartphones of today, Google promised pure Android experience based HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 more then a month ago and today they have fulfilled the promise.

These two Google edition pieces are sure to attract a fair amount of customers who aren't ready to live with the limitations of Nexus 4 but considering the difference in price (almost half for Nexus 4), it is safe to assume that these new Google babies won't cannibalize the sale of their brother.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is available on the play store for 649$ while HTC One goes for 50 bucks cheaper at 599$. Both the devices will be armed with pure Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS and are scheduled to deliver on or after 9 July to those who order it.

Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4
Google Edition HTC One


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