Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Latest GTA V trailer features the three protagonists

Grand Theft Auto game series has been an amazing success story for Rockstar Games and hence they are doing everything they can to promote the latest iteration of the game, GTA V.

In December, the lid was blown off and it was leaked that the game will in-fact feature not one but three main characters a.k.a. protagonists. As this is the first time this is happening in the series, its fans were bound to get excited. Instead of crying over the spilt milk, Rockstar Games took some promotion benefit from it and to keep the buzz from going off, they released some in-game screenshots of the game back in the month of March. Although they were quite helpful in realizing the graphical strength of the game but Rockstar was still mum about the three protagonists. But today they have sorted that out by releasing a new teaser trailer for the game featuring the three protagonists.

The video is divided into three parts - each dedicated to a character. It shows the back-stories of Michael, Franklin and Trevor and let us know why they do what they do in the game. Lets not spoil the fun of watching the video. Here you go.

The game does look intriguing and Rockstar is trying its best to make this feeling sustain. The Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game are supposed to hit the shelves on September 17 and PC version, which is still in works, should hit the market in 2014.


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