Saturday, May 25, 2013

Infinity Ward, the developing studios of latest Call of Duty iteration, announced the new game along with Activision some days back and since then everybody has been itching to see some graphics capabilities this game is supposed to pull of. Today, Infinityward has released a couple of videos - one showing trailer of this upcoming title and the second showing the thought that went into the making.

According to Infinityward, this game is in a way departure from the traditional Call of Duty storyline and in-game features. Don't worry it is still gonna be an FPS - that ain't changing. But this time instead of saving a falling country, you play as one of the members of a super elite team made up of guys from US military forces trying to bring back the nation from turmoil.

Lets have a look at the trailer to know something about the storyline of this new First Person Shooter.

In the "Behind the scenes" video, InfinityWard tells us that it is proud to launch the new engine which is actually an evolutionary version of the last one rather then a revolutionary one. Also, for the first time you will have a dog by your side in the fight besides normal human soldiers.

There are some new gameplay elements as well. You can check out the full feature list that InfinityWard has got to show off in this "Behind the Scenes" video.


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