Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Google teases Android Key Lime Pie during I/O 2013

Google was expected to announce atleast some platform update to its Android Operating System during this year's I/O conference but all the fans got were updates that will come the respective application updates. But Google did not forget that they were expected to release some info about next Android iteration and they thought of exploiting exactly this by teasing the devs with images referencing to Key Lime Pie. And Google did it not once but twice.

Both the references came up during the talk by Android Development relations Tech Lead, Reto Meier. Google had an amazing video prepared about how they want their developers to build magic apps for the customers and at about 24:30 time the first reference was noticed. This came up when Reto was suggesting developers to use as little info as possible from the customers to make their apps work. A girl eating ice cream cone (not sandwich, mind you) was featured along side Android mascot, Bugdroid, enjoying a tasty slice of a Key Lime Pie.

The second reference came up at about 44:30 when Google was showing a Final Fantasy like game which features Bugdroid as a monster fighting hero along with his comrades Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Reto Meier. In this reference, when the Bugdroid is required to summon giga-stan, "Jelly Bean" and "Key Lime Pie" comes up in the list of spells available for the monster fighters.

Was the presence of these a hint of an upcoming Android upgrade or a troll by Google is still just a guess but nevertheless we do have to say kudos to Google to come up with these especially people were expecting either the release of Android 4.3 JellyBean or Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie at this I/O. If you wanna have a look at the complete presentation, here you go.


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