Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cydia arrives on Android in form of a substrate

Any iOS user who has ever heard of jailbreaking or customizations, even remotely, sure knows about Cydia. It has become the symbol of jailbreaking as many people consider their iDevice to be jailbroken successfully only after they have Cydia installed.

It is the jailbroken app and tweaks store that turned heads when it came to iOS devices back in 2008 for installation of third-party applications. It grew with the increase in the number of iDevice users who wanted the jailbreak and the tweaks that came with it. Now, almost every iDevice user knows about it and it has become synonymous with iDevice customization. Although iOS' main competitor, Android, has always been ahead in the game of after market customizations and mods, tweaks from Cydia sure have kept iOS in the race and now the Cydia substrate has arrived on Android as well, courtesy of Jay Freeman, also known as Saurik and the creator of Cydia.

As you may have noticed, Saurik has released only the Cydia Substrate, the framework used to inject code into the apps of different developer, and not the complete Cydia Store which is seen on iOS devices. As a matter of fact, this is quite similar to another Android tweak known as Xposed Framework which has been around for a more then a year now but Saurik has already answered the issue with the differences between the two here.

As it turns out, the only tweak available in the Cydia Substrate app is the WinterBoard. Many iOS users use this and although it is just a theming app at its core, it is one of the very powerful tweaks that can be used to change the looks of any part of the ecosystem. In case of Android, it supports themes by other customizations platforms such as CynagenMod theme chooser, ADW Launcher, Go Launcher Ex, Launcher Pro and dxTop. You can know more about its working, applications and substrate itself on Cydia Substrate website,

It is understandable for Saurik (Jay Freeman) to grace the landing of his most popular creation, Cydia, on Android by the release of just the substrate but even this substrate can be used by developers to cook up some news tweaks and lets hope this happens fast so that we can have more things to have fun with.

The Substrate can be installed on any rooted Android phone running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and above. It is present as an application on Google Play Store and weighs at a measly 158KB.

Cydia Substrate - Google Play Store


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