Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Windows Phone may soon get Instagram

Instagram is an amazing photo editing and sharing tool that has been widely popular since its release. It became so lucrative that Facebook acquired it for a cool billion dollar. The app, which was originally released on iOS, broke its exclusivity in early 2012 when it was made available for Android users as well. Since then the smartphone world has been speculating its release on Windows Phone operating system as well but even after so many "leaks" there hasn't been any sign of official word. But this time, the word of its inevitable launch comes courtesy of Nokia Sweden itself.

In a reply to a fan on their facebook page, Nokia Sweden let the word of its upcoming launch slip. The translation roughly reads as "Instagram is on the way but can’t give an exact date right now". The comment was taken down sometime after lending it a bit more credibility.

Last month also something similar occurred when a Nokia Sweden account tweeted that Instagram from WP is under works and should be released soon which in turn created a wave of expectations among its fans. After all such speculations, asking the question that if people are still interested make more sense now. But still lets wait and watch when this amazing app comes to WP and does it break records like it did when its iOS and Android siblings were launched.

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