Thursday, April 11, 2013

Set Google Maps and Chrome as defaults on iDevice

When Apple decided to part with Google's mapping data for its iOS 6, many were shocked about the change but were quite excited to see Apple give mapping a serious try for the first time. They were disappointed when iOS 6 came out as the maps application was very premature and showed wrong data. Scott Forstall, vice president of iOS at Apple, was axed off his job because of this maps debacle. Then in December of 2012, after a long wait, Google released its Google maps application for iOS and it became an instant hit. 

But there was still one issue unresolved. Before, Maps app was powered by Google's mapping data and thus by default every other iOS and web application would use it. But now, Google's Maps app is a secondary app and the faulty Apple Maps app is the default one. This is the problem that is solved today with the help of a small tweak. Lets see how to go through with it.

Step 1: You need a jailbroken iDevice for this purpose. If your iDevice is already jailbroken, then you can move on to the next step otherwise you can either click here (for iOS 5 and less users) or here (for iOS 6 - 6.1.2 users) to know how to get it done.

Step 2: Go to our beloved Cydia and then let it load and reload its resources.

Step 3: Go to Search tab in Cydia and then search for Browser Changer in it. A result from Big Boss repository should come up here.

If it doesn't, then you can add insanelyi repo to your device. To do that, just go to Manage -> Sources. Then click on edit and then click on add. When the option comes, type in the URL box. Click on Add and then let it download and reload your devices resources. As this repo also hosts Browser Changer app, now you can get it from this as well.

Step 4: Now let Browser Changer load and then click on Install. Then click on Confirm that now appears at exactly same point. Now let Browser Changer be downloaded and loaded on your iDevice. When it asks to, click on Restart SpringBoard. Now let your device restart.

Note:  There is another jailbreak tweak named BrowserChooser. Browser Changer and BrowserChooser can not be installed at the same time on your iDevice.

Step 5: Now the task of installation has been completed successfully. To access the app, go to Settings menu in your iDevice and you will find a new column of Browser Changer which is your access gate to the app.

Et Voila!! Installation is successfully done and when you will open this setting, you will see that now you can set Google Maps as your default mapping application as well as set Chrome or any other browser you like as your default browser.

As I mentioned above, Browser Changer doesn't work with BrowserChooser. While this may seem to be a problem but in reality it is not. BrowserChooser's task is to let you choose the default browser only but Browser Changer adds the same functionality for maps too which makes it a better and more effective alternative.

So now you don't have to worry about getting lost because of Apple maps' faulty location service anymore and you don't have to worry about Safari getting opened by mistake again. You can now enjoy your iDevice's experience with the services you like.


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