Monday, April 8, 2013

SandFlea can take the leap

Robotics is going through an interesting phase where the size is decreasing while the purpose to be fulfilled is becoming greater and greater. 5 years ago people were imagining a giant building leaping robot which could help in many maintenance, surveillance and security tasks and today Boston Dynamics has presented a mere 11 pound robot which can drive like a normal vehicle on mild terrains but can take a jump of up to 8 meters high when required. We present to you SandFlea.

The robot has been built and designed by Boston Dynamics. It can take 1-8 meters high jump which can be set by the user and it jumps up to 25 times on a single charge. It has wheels designed specifically for the purpose shock absorbance upon its landing.

Lets spare the technical aspect of the robot and jump to the video that has been uploaded by Boston Dynamics to show the robot in work. Those interested can click here to know more about SandFlea.

Boston Dynamics has many such amazing projects going on and you can have a look at some more videos on their YouTube Channel.


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