Wednesday, April 24, 2013

May 21 will see the unveiling of next-gen Xbox

Xbox was Microsoft's first go at console gaming and after the launch of Xbox 360 it never looked back. It has been tremendously popular with some high-in-demand titles exclusive for the platform and Xbox 360 standing back to back with Sony's PlayStation console gaming platform to provide gamers a rich gaming experience. But after the announcement of Sony's PlayStation 4 back in February, Xbox 360 users started to feel a little outdated and expectation from Microsoft grew. Microsoft has answered all the questions and have sent out press invites for a May 21 event for the unveiling of the successor to Xbox 360.

The invite doesn't even drop a hint about the next Xbox but it is rumored to be built around the "always online" motto of gaming. Along with the new console, Microsoft is said to be announcing the update to its Kinect accessory as well.

We'll have to wait and watch Microsoft's play here and if they would be able to outsmart Sony in the console gaming industry. You can connect with Microsoft and stay in the loop with the #XboxReveal hashtag mentioned in the invite but May 21 is the date you need to mark on your calendars.


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