Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to simulate Firefox OS on PC

Mozilla is one of the pioneers of modern internet browsers and now it is gearing up for taking the battles to the mobile OS platform with its Firefox OS. It has already made some waves at this year's MWC by launching two mobile phones running on the OS. They also released an experimental build of Firefox OS for Sony Xperia E showing the strength and dedication of their partnership. So naturally the mobile community, fans and critics alike, has become very eager to try the new OS out to know what new Mozilla has brought to the table especially when developers have already begun to develop and test apps on the already available devices.

If you too want to try out the OS but are not the developer, don't worry because there is a way to let you experience it out on your PC regardless of your work and operating system you use. Lets have a look at how to simulate Firefox OS on your PC.

Now before you begin the process, make sure you have internet connection on your PC and latest Firefox browser in installed on your machine. If you don't have the browser, you can click here to download. After you have the pre-requisites taken care of, lets move on to the steps to emulate Firefox OS.

Step 1: Open Mozilla Firefox browser and go to Tools -> Add-ons.

Step 2: In the add-ons manager, go to search box and type firefox simulator in the search box and hit Enter.

Now in the search results that show up, find Firefox OS Simulator 2.0.1 and click on it. Right beside it you can see an Install button and the add-on will download and get installed. Mind you, its a 67.7 MB download so make sure you have the data and as well as time for it. When informed that the author is now verified, just click on Install Now.

Sometimes an error crops up during installation of add-on so there is an alternative way to get the task done. First, download the add-on from direct links for your suitable operating system.
Firefox OS Simulator 2.0.1 for Windows
Firefox OS Simulator 2.0.1 for Mac
Firefox OS Simulator 2.0.1 for Linux

Then, in your add-on manager, go to Settings by clicking on the little gear icon in top right and then to Install Add-on from File... option. Now browse and point it to the .xpi file you downloaded from one of the links above. This will install the add-on to your Firefox browser. When informed that the author is now verified, just click on Install Now.

Step 3: Now in the browser, go to Tools -> Web Developer -> Firefox OS simulator.

Now in this console, you will see stopped right beside the simulator option. Click on this and it will turn to running.

Well, there you go. The Firefox OS simulator is now started on your PC and you can start to have fun with it and experience what Mozilla is bringing to the, already heated, war of smartphones.


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