Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Google reveals Glass specifications

Google's Project Glass has been in talks since its release last summer. It was an interesting announcement but while everybody was wondering about its release schedule, Sergey Brin was roaming around wearing them. After that, many were jealous that only the participants of Google's 2012 I/O conference, where the project was announced publicly for the first time, will get Google's first batch of Glass products. Google made aspiring Glass developers very happy by announcing that it is expanding pre-orders for the Glass. But even after all this, the specifications of Google Glass were kept hidden from all of us. Today, Google has revealed the specifications.

According to Google, the Glass will have a 640 X 360 display. This may seem to be a very mundane but remember, this will sit so close to your eye that it will be equivalent to a 25 inch HD resolution screen. It will have a 5MP 720p camera and the sound will be heard through a Bone Induction Transducer. It will have Wi-Fi b/g (n standard isn't supported) and Bluetooth in-built and thus will be compatible with any Bluetooth smartphone. It will have 16GB storage out of which only 12 gigs will be available to the user. On battery side, Google hasn't mentioned any specifications but has claimed that it will last a day on full recharge on normal usage. Of course, features like Hangouts and video sharing will eat up much more battery than usual.

As far as compatibility goes, as mentioned above, it will work with any Bluetooth device but it will work at its best if the smartphone has MyGlass companion application which will work only with Android 4.0.3 or higher. This application will also enable SMS messaging and GPS capabilities in the Glass.

This specification may not look like much but when you factor the wearable and easy to use aspect of this technology, this sounds pretty cool.



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