Friday, March 29, 2013

Windows Phone 8 gets Temple Run

Microsoft's Windows Phone platform is often criticized for its narrower range of application availability when compared to Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Even Temple Run, one of the most famous games on smartphones these days, hasn't been available on the platform considering the fact that iOS and Android received Temple Run 2 a couple of months ago. Well, maybe the wait is over for most of the users as Imangi Studios have released Temple Run for Microsoft Windows Phone 8.

There is one catch though - only those WP8 phones can run the game which have atleast 1 GB of RAM which is quite disappointing considering the timing of the game's arrival but, I guess, its better to have something than nothing. Moreover, its quite positive now that Windows Phone 8 will soon see Temple Run 2 as well with better support.

We can say with a positive attitude that things are happening in the right direction for gaming on Windows Phone but, unfortunately, they are not happening at the rate one might want. Anyway, you can download the game by searching for it on Windows Phone app store or by clicking here.


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