Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some great apps to backup your Android messages

Messaging is becoming one of the most important uses of a mobile phone these days and some of them are really important as well. They maybe from a dear one or have some monetary importance and it becomes a troublesome issue when due to some unfortunate reason they are lost. This may happen due to a device crash or a problem during software update or some malicious application. Many people think it to be a very complicate task but its actually quite easy. Here is a list of some great apps that can help you with that if you own an Android smartphone.

SMS Backup & Restore

This is a great and a very simple to use application made to help you backup and then, in time of need, restore them back. It makes the backup in sort of a file which can viewed on any Android device and you can upload it to your dropbox or gmail account to easily access it whenever you need it.

There are two problems with the application though. Firstly there is no MMS support in the application which means you can not backup MMS messages with the help of this application. Secondly, as it does not makes the backup on its own server or even gmail or any cloud service, if you forget to take a copy of the backup file before the wrong things go down, then you can't restore your messages which, in a way, refutes it to fully serve its purpose as a backup application shouldn't need a backup of the backup file to work effectively. But, its ease of usage helps it get at-least some fans of its own.

Google Play Link: SMS Backup & Restore

SMS Backup+

This application helps backup in a different, neat manner. All you have to do it is connect it with your Gmail account, then enable IMAP in your Gmail account and that is it. The app does regular backups as per how you set it directly to your gmail account with a specific label and you can use one email account for multiple device as well. You can also backup your calendar entries to your Gmail account.

As the app maker himself lists them, there are two quirks with this app. Firstly if you install this application on your phone's memory card, then Auto Backup may not work as it is supposed to which can sometimes become quite frustrating because quite a number of Android phones still feature a very limited amount of phone memory. Secondly, this one also doesn't have support for MMS messages. Despite of the problems, the feature of backing up the messages on the air does seem to make it worth a try.

Google Play Link: SMS Backup+


This application is not only for backing up your messages but it provides a new messaging experience in itself. Using it you can do messaging in a much faster and more convenient way then stock messaging app. As far as making the backups go, this application can make automatic scheduled backups to its own cloud servers using which you can restore later in the time of crisis. Although it provides an on the air model, it does on its own servers rather than much faster and efficient Google servers. Also, if in case you want to restore you will need particular application only and also you can not see or edit you backup.

Although, this application might have some little issues with it but it is a complete messaging package and its efficient messaging experience makes it stand out of the herd and worth a try.

Google Play Link: GO SMS Pro

SMS Backup

This may sound like a derivative of the aforementioned SMS Backup+ application but let me tell you it is in no way related to that one. That said, SMS Backup is the best application for the purpose in my opinion because it does everything you want. It backs up the messages, call logs as well calendar entries on your Gmail account and it is the only application that supports MMS backup as well. For the developer minded, the application is open source as well.

Google Play Link: SMS Backup

Android is a fun operating system with all the customizations and mods and knowing that your messages are secure too makes the fun a less dangerous thing. Also, iOS users need not flinch as a similar list is in works for you as well.

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  1. G Cloud backup is a good option also to consider for backing up everything