Monday, March 18, 2013

Locked bootloaders can not stop Xperia Z root now

Sony Xperia Z is an amazing devices that is getting huge appreciation all over the world. It is a pack of powerful specifications and amazing features. Most people buy these phones from their respective carriers meaning the presence of locked bootloader which in turn means that you can not root your device and fiddle with custom launchers and ROMs. Well, not anymore.

The guys over at XDA Developers have come up with an exploit with the help of which, you can root even those Xperia Z which have locked bootloader. The explot was discovered by @goroh_kun who also provided the rootkit. Another XDA member, @huhka_com, packaged an EasyRooting Toolkit to make the whole process easier for the general public.

Although the exploit and the rootkit has been designed for the Japanese DoCoMo version of the smartphone, people for other regions with other versions of the device have reported it to be successful on their Xperia Z as well. If you are a Xperia Z user and you wish to give this a whirl, you can find all the information and instructions, on huhka's blog(in Japanese), here.


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