Thursday, March 21, 2013

iPhone lockscreen can still be bypassed

It was just yesterday that Apple launched iOS 6.1.3 to take care of a security risk that could led the lockscreen to be bypassed but they din't take care of an issue that would crop up with this update that could lead to the same security risk, apparently.

As it turns out, only thing you require this time is a SIM-Card ejection tool and no careful series of steps just two of them. This work around uses Apple's voice control features and as it has been reported, it works with the help of SIRI as well. But there is one good news. All you have to do to take care of this issue is turn voice dial off in your passcode lock settings.

For the curious types out there, here is how its done.

Lets hope Apple releases iOS 6.1.4 soon to cumber this work around and this time also takes care(at least sincerely try to) that no such things are there.


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