Thursday, March 21, 2013

Google officially launches Google Keep

Recently, Google let slip Google Keep for a very brief period of time on the internet to pull it away the same day. But today, Google has officially announced the service by launching the Google Keep on Play Store.

Google Keep is Google's new and free note taking application for Android(Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich atleast) that uses your Google Drive account as a base. Keep is a pretty basic note taking application using which you can quickly jot down notes and thoughts without any fuss or any frill, for that matter. It has nothing special to offer. All you can do is take notes, sort them with the help of different colors and add camera images to them. There is one thing surprising with the application - you can only add camera images, gallery images are not supported. The application has three widgets in itself. There is a small one to add notes quickly, a big one to show and scroll through all your notes, and a third one to let Android 4.2 users use as a lockscreen widget.

You can also access notes and make new ones through the Keep website. The new and old notes are synced with your Android device with the help of Google Drive. Unlike the Android app, here you can add any image to your note.

With a flood of note taking apps with different features already present on the market, one may wonder the specific purpose of this one. Only sync based on Google Drive (and other Google services) comes on mind and it sure will be enough for most to switch to this application.

Google has released a product launch video for Google Keep. Lets have a look at it.

Android Play Store link: Google Keep


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