Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google Now for iOS under works

Google is a company whose revenue is based on advertising and thus it makes sense for it show love towards world's second-most popular mobile operating system. Google Now is Google's amazing voice recognition technology based service that it has backed right into its Search application. It has been Android exclusive ever since its release but that may be about to change. For those who don't know much about the service, first lets have a look at Google's announcement video when Now was launched for Android Jelly Bean.

After its release, many iPhone users were getting jealous of the service. No doubt SIRI is amazing but Google's search prowess still remains unbeaten. Although iOS users received the voice recognition feature through an update to Google's Search app for iOS but it was gimmicky and no where close to what Now offers. But they say "never loose hope" and they are right as a purported promotional video for Google for iOS has been leaked on YouTube. The video has the same appeal and style as Google's other videos and is quite similar to Google's original Now announcement video.

This maybe something Google announces at this year's I/O conference. One of the important things to note is that as Google will build this directly into their Search app, previous generation devices such as iPhone 3GS and iPad should also be able to support which is actually amusing because yesteryear's Android 4.0 devices are not compatible with it.

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  1. m waiting for the day when this announcement comes for windows phone...