Monday, March 18, 2013

Google Keep briefly appears online

As the rise of smartphones took place, people started using it for various purposes and quick note taking is one which is used quite often than you might think. And Evernote is one of the most used note taking applications apart from the stock mobile apps because of its nifty features, cloud synchronization of notes and clean interface. You can take a note in any format as well. But it seems like Google wants a share of this pie as well and is readying a rival service, Google Keep.

Android Police earlier discovered a source code that pointed towards the launch of service at with a codename 'Memento' and as it turns out this service has been in works for quite some time now. As a matter of fact, there is a post on Google's own Google+ page where they din't notice the presence of "Add to Google Keep" link.

And today the service went live for a very brief period of time and then went away, indicating that it came to the world earlier than it was planned. Even the interface itself had a very basic appeal, almost like it was made for a mobile. Although it allowed to take notes very quickly but there was no integration with any other Google services which is very odd again indicating that Keep is still in initial stage of development and far from ready. But the service did include search, which is Google's trademark business area.

In our brief period of usage, we were not able to take any screenshot but luckily that was not the case with the guys over at Android Police.

There is supposed to be an Android(and maybe iOS too) app for the service but, as expected, there is no sign of it yet.

Google is known for innovating startups but sometimes it feels as if they want a piece of every pie. The story is evolving quickly so lets wait and watch what Google plans to do with Keep and how well will they integrate it with other services. Also, the answer to the question of it over throwing EverNote lies in the future.


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