Saturday, March 30, 2013

Changing weather of your iDevice lockscreen theme

Jailbreaking an iDevice gives you immense amount of freedom about how you want your device to look and work. Theming and lockscreen changes is one of the most common visual tweaks applied. For being able to properly apply lockscreen themes on your iDevice, you should first hide the big lockscreen clock so that your theme can really shine. You can click here to know how to do it.

After application of the theme, being able to customize it to your own requirement is also an important part. Many lockscreen themes feature weather widget but they neither show local weather using location services nor have an apparent setting which can let us set the location in the weather widget. This issue cumbers there usage many times because it seems a problem. This is what we are going to tackle today.

Step 1: To be able to customize any theme or its widget, you need to have a good file manager like iFile installed on your iDevice. Click here to know how to do it.

Step 2: All the lockscreen themes use weather information from To set a location in your theme's weather widget, you need to know the code for your city. To know the code, go to and type in your city name.

Now, when the information about your city loads up, click on the URL bar and note down the last 8 alphanumerics of it. This should be in XXXX0000 format (4 alphabets followed by 4 digits). This is your city's code.

Step 3: Now go to iFile in your iDevice. In iFile, go to /var/stash/ folder and then click on Themes folder. The name of the themes folder may have some extension in front of it but you need not worry about that.

Step 4: Now in the Themes folder, click on the theme you want to edit. The one I am here editing is LS Glass.

Now in the LS Glass theme folder, you will find a file named as LockBackground.html. This is the source file for all the widgets and functions of a lockscreen theme. Click on it and when asked, click on Text Viewer. This will open the html file as text file.

Step 5: Now, in the text editor, click on the search option at the bottom.

In the search dialogue, that now appears on the screen, type locale. You will see a var locale appear on the page as a search result.

Note: Sometimes, var locale is missing in some themes. In those cases, either search for Weather Script or isCelsius and add the var locale attribute with right syntax before var isCelsius attribute (which can be used to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature values using False and True attribute values respectively).

Step 6: Now click on edit in the top left corner and select the code written in between the quotation marks. Replace it with the code of your city you noted down in Step 2. Then click on Save that appears in the top right corner and then on Done that appears at the very same place as Save.

That is it! Now when you lock and then see the lockscreen while unlocking or by clicking power button, you will see the weather widget updated to the location you set. The process is done and you have successfully set the weather of your lockscreen theme to your local one.


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