Sunday, March 31, 2013

Iron Man 3 is one of the most anticipated movies of 2013 and the series sure has an enormous amount of fans. An Iron Game was never too far and Gameloft has just managed to make it a reality. They have released a trailer video of the game with some moments of gameplay included in it. The gameplay parts of the video suggest that it will belong to "Endless Running" genre of games that have become quite popular on mobile platforms. Of course, there will be some specific obstacles and weapons that will set it apart from the heard.

Lets have a look at the Iron Man 3: The Official Game trailer.

The game is supposed to hit iOS and Android application stores on 25th April. The pricing is yet to be announced but hopefully this superhero game title will be able to attract the crowd.
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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Changing weather of your iDevice lockscreen theme

Jailbreaking an iDevice gives you immense amount of freedom about how you want your device to look and work. Theming and lockscreen changes is one of the most common visual tweaks applied. For being able to properly apply lockscreen themes on your iDevice, you should first hide the big lockscreen clock so that your theme can really shine. You can click here to know how to do it.

After application of the theme, being able to customize it to your own requirement is also an important part. Many lockscreen themes feature weather widget but they neither show local weather using location services nor have an apparent setting which can let us set the location in the weather widget. This issue cumbers there usage many times because it seems a problem. This is what we are going to tackle today.

Step 1: To be able to customize any theme or its widget, you need to have a good file manager like iFile installed on your iDevice. Click here to know how to do it.

Step 2: All the lockscreen themes use weather information from To set a location in your theme's weather widget, you need to know the code for your city. To know the code, go to and type in your city name.

Now, when the information about your city loads up, click on the URL bar and note down the last 8 alphanumerics of it. This should be in XXXX0000 format (4 alphabets followed by 4 digits). This is your city's code.

Step 3: Now go to iFile in your iDevice. In iFile, go to /var/stash/ folder and then click on Themes folder. The name of the themes folder may have some extension in front of it but you need not worry about that.

Step 4: Now in the Themes folder, click on the theme you want to edit. The one I am here editing is LS Glass.

Now in the LS Glass theme folder, you will find a file named as LockBackground.html. This is the source file for all the widgets and functions of a lockscreen theme. Click on it and when asked, click on Text Viewer. This will open the html file as text file.

Step 5: Now, in the text editor, click on the search option at the bottom.

In the search dialogue, that now appears on the screen, type locale. You will see a var locale appear on the page as a search result.

Note: Sometimes, var locale is missing in some themes. In those cases, either search for Weather Script or isCelsius and add the var locale attribute with right syntax before var isCelsius attribute (which can be used to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature values using False and True attribute values respectively).

Step 6: Now click on edit in the top left corner and select the code written in between the quotation marks. Replace it with the code of your city you noted down in Step 2. Then click on Save that appears in the top right corner and then on Done that appears at the very same place as Save.

That is it! Now when you lock and then see the lockscreen while unlocking or by clicking power button, you will see the weather widget updated to the location you set. The process is done and you have successfully set the weather of your lockscreen theme to your local one.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

In-Game screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V released

Grand Theft Auto series has been one of the most popular game series and Rockstar Games, its creator, is going to release the fifth version of the game very soon. The creator of the game has finally released in-game screenshots of the game to give its fans a look of what they should expect from the latest generation of GTA game.

The latest screenshots of GTA 5 give us a glimpse of the game. The gameplay is supposed to be no longer than that of Grand Theft Auto 4. The game is supposed to have three protagonists and will include underwater, aerial and ground environments of action all of which take place in the city of Los Santos. Apparently, the game will feature missions that include stunts like skydiving and scuba diving. Here you go with the remaining (other than two shown above) in-game screenshots.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is said to feature amazing graphics and these screenshots just prove the point. The game is supposed to release for Xbox and PlayStation on 17 September with its PC version to follow soon.
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EA releases Battlefield 4 gameplay video

Battlefield 3 has been one of the most successful, played and hardware challenging game for a couple of years now. It had amazing graphics and still used as one of the most taxing benchmarking games out there. But if you thought you have seen all of it, wait till you get your eyes on its sequel - Battlefield 4.

After releasing a couple of teasers, a 17 minute gameplay video has been finally released by EA Games. By looking at it you can't tell much about the storyline of this amazing FPS game but one this is for sure, the graphics are surely going to blow your mind away. At some moments, you forget that you are looking at a gameplay video and instead feel it to be a action movie instead.

You need to look at the gameplay video yourself to judge so lets have a look at it.

The game is going to set some new limits for graphics when it comes out and will surely require an amazing configuration PC to run on Max settings. Battlefield 4 is set to release on PC this fall and its getting really hard to wait for it.
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Installing iFile on your iDevice

Smartphones are equipped with very large storage and as the amount of data and number of files increases, the need of a good file manager increases as well. But, infamously, since beginning iDevices do not come equipped with one at all, leave alone a good one. Such a problem can easily be solved using one of the best file managers present for an iDevice, iFile. Lets have a look at how to get this amazing file management software up and running on your iDevice.

Installing iFile

Step 1: As many may have already thought, iFile installation requires a jailbroken iDevice. Those who already have a jailbroken iDevice can move on to the next step but those who don't have can either click here (for iOS 5 and below users) or here (for iOS 6 users) to know how to go about it.

Step 2: When you are done jailbreaking, click on jailbreaker's best friend, Cydia and let it update and load its resources.

Step 3: Now in Cydia go to Manage tab and then in Sources.

Step 4: Then in Sources section, click on Edit in the top right corner and then on Add, which will now appear in the top left corner.

Step 5: After clicking on Add, a dialogue box appears which asks for the URL of the repository you want to add. Type in it and click on Add Source. Now, after verifying the URL, it sometimes gives a Source Warning. Do not worry about it and click on Add Anyway. Then let it download the sources from the repository you have just added and load them to Cydia. When Return to Cydia appears to screen, click on it and you'll be right back into Cydia with the sources now added and ready  to be used.

Step 6: The tricky part is now over. Now go to the Search tab from the bottom and type ifile in it. There will be two (or more - depending on other repos you may have added) search results but you have to click on the top one which has a red colored symbol besides it. You can also go to Manage -> Sources -> ihackstore -> iFile . It is this file only that appears in the search results.

Step 7: Now click on Install button in the top right corner and then on Confirm which appears at the very same place. It is not that big in size at 7.6 MB with all its auxiliaries so it shouldn't take much time. Let iFile be downloaded and installed on your iDevice. When it comes on screen, click on Return to Cydia.

Step 8: Now when you go to your springboard, you will see a washed out white color icon with no design written iFile below it which crashes as soon as you click on it.

Don't worry. You haven't done anything wrong and the iFile has successfully installed as well. Its like installing a major program on a Windows PC - you need to reboot your device to complete the installation process.

And now the icon appears like it should and the application fulfill its purpose beautifully as well.

This is one of the most efficient and used file managing application for iDevice users and after going at it for a while, it can be safely said that it is the title it deserves. It has a very clean interface with all the right options easily accessible. Hopefully, you will have fun tinkering with it.

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Windows Phone 8 gets Temple Run

Microsoft's Windows Phone platform is often criticized for its narrower range of application availability when compared to Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Even Temple Run, one of the most famous games on smartphones these days, hasn't been available on the platform considering the fact that iOS and Android received Temple Run 2 a couple of months ago. Well, maybe the wait is over for most of the users as Imangi Studios have released Temple Run for Microsoft Windows Phone 8.

There is one catch though - only those WP8 phones can run the game which have atleast 1 GB of RAM which is quite disappointing considering the timing of the game's arrival but, I guess, its better to have something than nothing. Moreover, its quite positive now that Windows Phone 8 will soon see Temple Run 2 as well with better support.

We can say with a positive attitude that things are happening in the right direction for gaming on Windows Phone but, unfortunately, they are not happening at the rate one might want. Anyway, you can download the game by searching for it on Windows Phone app store or by clicking here.
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Setting a custom ringtone in iPhone

Apple is very conservative about its iOS and related customizations. Many of them can protect your dear iPhone from bad things but some of them are outright ridiculous like not being able to set your own ringtone. Although Apple has started giving the option of buying the tones but tones of every song are not available and also, quite frankly, it seems erratic to have to buy tones in order to use them as your phone's ringtone. But where there is will, there is a way and hence here comes the work-around to help you set your favorite song and any tune you want as ringtone. For the jailbreak-phobia people out there, do not worry as this does not require any kind of jailbreak tweak and works on any and every iPhone.

So lets have a look at how to do it.

Step 1: Open your iTunes and go to Edit -> Preferences (Preferences in new iTunes) in its menu options.

Then, in the preferences, go to General tab and then go to Import Settings. Set the Import Using option to AAC Encoder and then click Ok.

Step 2: Right click on the song or tune you want to use as your ringtone and click on Get Info.

Then go to the Options tab and set the start and stop times with difference between them of up to 30 seconds. After this click Ok.

Step 3: Now again right click on the song or the tune you wanted to make your ringtone and click on Create AAC version.

Now the iTunes will make an AAC version (.m4a) version of the song and save it to your iTunes media folder which is generally C:\Users\<Your user name>\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media.

If you are not sure where your iTunes media folder is, can easily be found out by going to Preferences -> Advanced.

Step 4: Now in this folder, right click on the file you just created and change its extension from .m4a to .m4r thus making it an iTunes ringtone file.

Step 5: Now right click on this file and open it with iTunes. Or you can use Add File option of iTunes to add this to its library. When you will do either of the above two, this small ringtone file will get automatically added to Tones section of iTunes.

Now connect your iPhone to your computer and then click on it. Then go to Tones tab and check Sync Tones option. All Tones should get selected by itself. After this, click on Apply.

When the synchronization process gets completed, you will have the song as your ringtone in your Sounds option in the settings menu. Don't forget to change the settings of the original song to run without any start and stop timings.

Now you can choose the song you wanted as the ringtone of your dear iPhone.
iPhone Ringtone

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Galaxy S4 version wise availability breakdown

Samsung recently launched their flagship smartphone, Galaxy S4, in New York. While Samsung was proudly boasting the presence of an octa-core Exynos 5 chipset powering the smartphone, it forgot to mention that all regions will get their hands on the exynos version and will instead be getting a Qualcomm 600 version. Amidst the confusion of which country will get which version, SamMobile has prepared a list to help you know the version your country will be getting.

Here the I9500 model is the Exynos 5 version whereas I9505 is the Qualcomm 600 version. It is worth noting here that some really lucky countries are getting both the versions. Lets have a look at the list.

North America

  • USA - I9505
  • Canada - I9505


  • Austria - I9505
  • Baltic - I9505
  • Belgium / Luxembourg - I9505
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina - I9505
  • Bulgaria - I9505
  • Cyprus - I9505
  • Czech Republic - I9505
  • France - I9500 and I9505
  • Germany - I9500 and I9505
  • Macedonia - I9505
  • Nordic Countries - I9505
  • Poland - I9500 and I9505
  • Romania - I9500 and I9505
  • Russia - I9500
  • Portugal - I9505
  • Slovakia - I9505
  • Slovenia - I9505
  • Spain - I9505
  • Sweden - I9505
  • Switzerland - I9505
  • The Netherlands - I9505
  • UK - I9500 and I9505
  • Ukraine - I9505

Asia / Middle East

  • Afghanistan - I9500
  • Bangladesh - I9500
  • China - I9500
  • Hong Kong - I9500 and I9505
  • India - I9500
  • Indonesia - I9500
  • Iran - I9500
  • Iraq - I9500
  • Kazakhstan - I9500
  • Korea - I9500 and I9505
  • Malaysia - I9500 and I9505
  • Nepal - I9500
  • Pakistan - I9500
  • Philippines - I9500 and I9505
  • Russia - I9500
  • Saudi Arabia - I9500 and I9505
  • Singapore - I9505
  • Sri Lanka - I9500
  • Taiwan - I9500
  • Thailand - I9500
  • Turkey - I9500
  • UAE - I9500 and I9505
  • Uzbekistan - I9500
  • Vietnam - I9500


  • Algeria - I9500
  • Egypt - I9500
  • Kenya - I9500
  • Libya - I9500
  • Morocco - I9500
  • Nigeria - I9500


  • Australia - I9505
Many people won't be happy with the version they are getting but they can always import it from a convenient place where the version they want is available. Needless to say, both versions will be performance beasts so you won't actually regret not buying one over other.
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Google officially launches Google Keep

Recently, Google let slip Google Keep for a very brief period of time on the internet to pull it away the same day. But today, Google has officially announced the service by launching the Google Keep on Play Store.

Google Keep is Google's new and free note taking application for Android(Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich atleast) that uses your Google Drive account as a base. Keep is a pretty basic note taking application using which you can quickly jot down notes and thoughts without any fuss or any frill, for that matter. It has nothing special to offer. All you can do is take notes, sort them with the help of different colors and add camera images to them. There is one thing surprising with the application - you can only add camera images, gallery images are not supported. The application has three widgets in itself. There is a small one to add notes quickly, a big one to show and scroll through all your notes, and a third one to let Android 4.2 users use as a lockscreen widget.

You can also access notes and make new ones through the Keep website. The new and old notes are synced with your Android device with the help of Google Drive. Unlike the Android app, here you can add any image to your note.

With a flood of note taking apps with different features already present on the market, one may wonder the specific purpose of this one. Only sync based on Google Drive (and other Google services) comes on mind and it sure will be enough for most to switch to this application.

Google has released a product launch video for Google Keep. Lets have a look at it.

Android Play Store link: Google Keep
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