Thursday, February 14, 2013

Update apps using Updatr

Smartphones have reached an amazing amount of adoption and efficiency status and everyone has to agree, it is mostly because of the applications that developers cook up for the users, especially iOS app developers. There is no doubt that their hard work should be paid for, but not everyone can go through with the payment even though need is there. And as a solution, software like AppCake and Installous(well, now it is dead) come into picture. They provide paid apps for free, thanks to counter-programmers(in simple words, crackers) and all this phenomena is fueled by the existence of  jailbreaking techniques and tools. Recently, Apple's latest and greatest mobile operating system, iOS 6, could not avoid its fate and its untethered jailbreak went public. But there is one issue with the way these apps install(paid apps installed for free), that they sometimes don't get listed in the Apple App Store Updates section and while, installous was able to show its own Updates section, the feature isn't present in AppCake. But here come the solution, a Cydia app named as Updatr.

So, lets see how this god-sent app can be installed on your dear iDevice to relieve it of the duties of keeping track of updates of cracked applications.

Step 1: You need a jailbroken iDevice because this piece of software is only available through Cydia. If you don't have one, you can click here(for iOS 5 and below users) or here(for iOS 6 users) to know about it.

Step 2: While this step is not a compulsion, as Updatr works with non-cracked apps as well, but it will be moot to install it if you don't have any software to get you paid apps for free, like AppCake. So, you need to install it, which you can know about by clicking here.

Step 3: Now, you need to click on our dear friend, Cydia, and let it download and load its resources.

Step 4: Now go to Manage tab and then to the click on Sources.

Step 5: Now, click on Edit, that can be seen in the top right corner, and then click on Add which now comes up at the top left corner.

Step 6: When you click Add in the top left corner, a URL box appears so that you can add a repository, that hosts the file you want, to Cydia's list of sources. When this box appears, type in it and click on Add Source button and when it shows a warning about the addition of repository, click on Add Anyway. Now let Cydia download and load the files it needs to add this as a repository. When the process completes and Return to Cydia button appears, click on it. The repository has been added.

Step 7: Now, go to the search box and type updatr in it. Click on the first icon you see and let it completely load. Then click on Install and then click on Confirm that appears at the very same place. Now, let Updatr download and install on your iDevice. Now, after the installation when Return to Cydia appears on screen, click on it.

Step 8: Now, when you go back to springboard to open Updatr, similar to AppCake, you will see a white icon with no design and if you try to open it, it is going to crash.

To get it up and running, you need to restart your iDevice. After the reboot, now when you look at it, it has an iTunes updater like icon.

Now, the application works really well and looks quite simple to use as well. Although it would have been nice to have this feature baked right into AppCake, like it was in Installous, as well, but Updatr does not let you miss the fun much.


  1. theres no option to update apps.. it just tells u if you're on latest version.

  2. When I open it, it says minecraft needs update, and I click on it and there are only to options, view on apptrackr and ignore this version? If I click view on apptrackr it opens a white window from the side and nothing happens!

  3. I did everything as instructed here but in the search for the UPDATR part, I can't seem to find it. Is it still up? Are there any alternative for this? I can't update the apps I downloaded from AppCake. :(