Friday, February 1, 2013

The patent war between Apple and Samsung is something that needs no introduction. It has now been going on for years. But Judge Lucy Koh seems to be determined to put a lid on it, atleast in US. Last August, she finally gave a verdict in the case by saying that Samsung did infringe Apple's patents but the other way around was not true and so, Samsung was asked to pay $1.049 billion in damages to Apple. While Samsung was sure to challenge the verdict, it was still a big win for the Cupertino giant. But Samsung was trying its best to not, atleast, get the damages payout increased, if not waived. It seems as if they argued quite well for their reason and have stopped the payout increase. Don't get me wrong, 1.049 billion dollar is a pretty huge payout but it sure is less then anything more.

According to Samsung, they thought that Apple's patents were not valid, and their actions were prejudices on this fact, and so, they did not infringe any patent willfully. As it turns out, this arguement was enough to convince Judge Lucy Koh to not increase the $1.049 billion dollar payout, which Samsung still has to pay.

Apple had orginally asked for a 2.5 billion $ in damages and while they had won the ruling, they still were hoping for abetter payday. Nonetheless, the victory still symbolises a huge step ahead for Apple in terms of patent war, which is just a tile of the big picture, the one where Apple is fighting off Android, which Steve Jobs claimed to be a copied product in his Biography.

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