Monday, January 21, 2013

The Megaupload successor, Mega, is here

Last year the US Justice Department went on a closedown spree when it shutdown several content sharing websites on the grounds of piracy with sites like getting shut all of a sudden with a FBI anti-piracy warning but its creator, Kim, is now back.

Exactly one year ago, Mega Upload was shut down by the US Justice department on grounds of copyright violation of many media companies and thus promoting piracy with its founder, Kim Dotcom, getting arrested for it. After the whole debacle last year, Kim started working on a new secure file sharing platform, the Mega Upload successor, Mega, which has now went live.

Mega isn't unlike other file sharing websites such as Dropbox. It features similar drag and drop uploading feature. Although there are many such file sharing websites nowadays but this one stands out by providing 50GB free of cost online storage space to all users and its pro plans go up to 4TB of online storage.

While that is already amazing, Mega will also provide domain registration, email and web hosting services in the near future which will be powered by Instra, which is domain registration website and also one of the investors of Mega. So it seems as if Mega is a cross between Dropbox and GoDaddy.

While, the service looks lucrative, for sure, only Google Chrome users can visit the website, due to compatibility reasons, for now. But, as they mentioned in their blog already, Mega's all features haven't been turned on yet by its creators who have promised several improvements to the present features and some exciting additions to the service.

Will Mega be able to snatch some customers from Dropbox and GoDaddy is going to be an interesting thing to watch for in the future but it is safe to say that things are looking positive for the service already.


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