Thursday, January 24, 2013

Temple Run 2 comes out to be played on Android

Temple Run was one of the most successful games of the yesteryear and the one which led to the launch of a horde of running strategy based games on different application stores. Temple Run was downloaded more then 170 million times on iOS itself and while the exclusivity ended later then sooner, when it was launched on Android it became a huge success there as well. Now, Imangi Studios are back with another amazing launch and the sequel to their original success formula, Temple Run, with Temple Run 2.

While the application was originally launched on iOS a week back but the iOS exclusiveness of the title has just ended as it has now been launched on Google Play store as well so that its Android using fans can also enjoy the new goodness. As already told here, the sequel has been redesigned to be played on new environments with new graphics. Also, now each character can be accustomed with a special power and Imangi Studios have increased the number of achievements and also introduced levels based on these achievements, probably to make the game more long lastingly addictive.

Temple Run 2 on AppStore
Temple Run 2 on Google Play Store


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