Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When Google announced its Google Glasses project back in June 2012 during its annual Google I/O developer's conference last year, it was considered a major step towards the realization of Augmented Reality and related gadgetry. When Sergey Brin, Google co-founder, showcased it on stage during the conference, everyone was mesmerized with the successful demonstration.

Since Google also announced, at the conference, that attending developers can pre-order its Explorer Edition, people have been desperately holding their breaths to have a look at a live working prototype of the project. Sergey Brin was recently spotted riding in on NYC subway sporting a prototype of the amazing device.

"The world's most powerful man" and Google's co-founder, Sergey Brin was spotted blending in the subway crowd by a wearable technology and augmented reality enthusiast Brooklyn resident, Noah Zerkin, who made sure to put an entry about this amazing meet in his blog. Google should be commended on the fact that Google announced the project in April last year, with its first demo video released in June featuring Sergey Brin skydiving wearing the glasses and now it is being used and worn among ordinary people who might not even have any idea what it is.

Google cleared its intentions about the project last week during its first hackathon even for Google Glass Developers. According to Google, the aim of the project is to bring this cool augmented reality technology to such a level that it can be worn and easily used by anyone at any place. Also, Vuzix is also working on a similar augmented reality project, of which the spotter is part of. The Vuzix device goes by the name of Vuzix M100 and is sure to create a wave of excitement as well when it is launched.

Is this the future where people wear augmented reality based wearable technology in their day to day lives while doing normal daily activities? Sergey Brin sure hope so. We sure hope so.


  1. Hi Anmol,

    Now this is exciting, google glass should be a revolutionary technology completely changing the way we use devices. In fact, I feel it would replace cellphones and laptops as well.
    Thanks for this bit of info. :)

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  2. Wow I know google was entering new markets but I never thought I will see this.