Friday, January 4, 2013

Sony Xperia Z pricing surfaces

Recently, official photos of Sony Xperia Z and Sony Xperia ZL got leaked on its own website, We have already seen some specification details about Sony Xperia Z, which was hiding under the 'Yuga' moniker until now, but the pricing and launch date were the details that were still left to find(or leak) out. Sony's 7 January conference is supposed to be the venue of the launch which is right before CES 2013 kick starts on 8 January. Now, the only missing piece of the puzzle, the pricing, has also emerged.

The credit of this leak goes to the Thai blog SonyXP. According to them, the sim-free(off-contract) version of the device should have a price tag of 19990 Bahts(655$). Obviously, the purported price tag will differ from region to region but it does set a tone of the Z pricing.

This leak isn't close to an official one as of now but considering the fact that this shot of the smartphone hasn't yet surfaced separately, it can be safely said that there is some authenticity in SonyXP's claims. Sony Xperia Z is supposed to be a 5" 1080p device set to compete with HTC Butterfly which is also a similarly speced 5" 1080p droid from the Taiwanese company HTC.

The Sony device is supposed to be commercially available at some point in March but once the January 7 press conference takes place and CES kicks off, Sony should unveil more official information.


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