Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Installous goes away, leaves us mourning

Jailbreaking an iDevice has become quite a popular trend these days and one of the most important reason people do it to be able to download paid apps for free, i.e. do application piracy. And the app that masses related to the most, when it came to app piracy, was Installous. Hackulous, the company behind Installous, has just shut itself down which implies that the Installous app is not usable anymore and gives the following error when opened. It just quits when clicked on quit and there is no way to open it for now.

According to Hackulous, the reason for this was stagnant forums and difficulty in moderating them. Whatever they may say, it is very hard to believe to be a reason to completely shutdown Hackulous altogether taking its notoriety in piracy world in perspective. Whatever the real reasons were, its fans surely will miss it although it sure is a step away from piracy. Developers will surely be happy to hear the news as they now may get better response and money for all the hardwork they do. When you open its website, hackulo.us, there is a short message on it by the Hackulous team for us to read.


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