Thursday, January 17, 2013

Imangi Studios launch Temple Run 2

If you know what this cartoon depicts, then you already know what this is about. Temple Run is the game that gave birth to the runner category of games. Its developers, Imangi Studios and Fuzzycube Software, are very proud of the game as it has already been downloaded 170 million times on iOS itself making it one of the biggest gaming success stories. Now, to take it to the next level, Imangi Studios and Fuzzycube Software have released the sequel to the uber popular game, named as Temple Run 2.

This time the app has better graphics, 7 different characters and a temple in the sky(among other new locations) but it works on the easy to master swipes-based gameplay of Temple Run. For the Temple Run fans and those who haven't played the game ever, the game is a must try, to say the least.

The rumors of this launch started to surface a day before the launch. While New Zealand was the first country to have a go at the app but now it has made its way to all the app stores of the world. The app has only been released on iOS for now but according to its developers, it will make its way to Google Play Store very soon.

Temple Run 2 on AppStore


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