Monday, January 14, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 retail images emerge


BlackBerry 10 leaks have been flying around for some time, especially the ones referring to BlackBerry Z10. About a month ago, company's showman, Vivek Bhardwaj, showcased BB10's all-new redesigned keyboard and then the leaks began popping at an amazing rate. First, an image of Z10 was leaked but recently every bit of internals was leaked on video by ETrade Supply. Now, retail images of advertisements, that are supposed to be run after the phone launches, have made their way out of the wraps for the whole world to have a look.

For the first time, we get to have a look at both the white and black colors of the BB Z10 device and as a matter of fact, it is surely a looker. Also, it seems as if BlackBerry has assigned each slide a task of highlighting one new feature that its BB10 is going to sport. Among the other new ones, we can see some exciting and practical new features such as Balance, which lets you switch between your work and home profile, video calling with screen sharing option(this is a first for a mobile device) and something company has worked on a lot and is proud of, its revamped touch optimized keyboard.

There is something to note about in the last slide, the one featuring the calendar. It displays the March 31 date but as we all know, BlackBerry is supposed to unveil its BB10 OS and first batch of devices based on it at its 30 January event. So, we assume that March 31 is the date when the devices hit retail and in Apple fashion, BB has highlighted it to hint the same.. Its all a well-reasoned speculation for now but it seems to be quite logical. We can only wait and watch for now.


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