Saturday, January 5, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 gets a naked portfolio

RIM's latest BB 10 OS is the base of all its future expectations to be present and make a stand in the smartphone market and the smartphone it is going to launch it from the start, BlackBerry Z10, has been hard for it keep under the wraps. Recently, a marketing image of the phone was leaked and then a group photo of the Z10, X10 and N-series BB 10 device emerged.

Now, BusinessInsider got hold of some pics of the smartphone posing around the Apple iPhone 4S.

According to their source, it has solid build quality with a nice rubbery group at its back and new redesigned BlackBerry app store looks quite similar to Google Play Store. The 4.3" touch screen looks nice too.

Today's leaks doesn't just stop here. A smartphone spare parts company, ETrade Supply, got hold of some components of Z10 and showcased them in their usual fashion. A microSD card slot and SIM card slot is unveiled in their investigation but we already know there presence. But there is something interesting that they found out. According to them, the position of the SIM card slot varies in different prototypes, so we believe that these prototypes are from different product development cycles. 10mm is the purported thickness of the device which isn't very thick but we have seen thinner solid phones in the past now. They recorded the whole procedure and here is the video for you to have a look at.

RIM will announce the BB 10 OS along with its launchpad devices in its 30 January special event, so stay tuned for further leaks and updates.


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