Thursday, January 3, 2013

Apple's Do Not Disturb silents iPhones completely

Apple announced Do Not Disturb in its iOS6 to help its consumers have some alone time when they wanted and was quite a hit when it was launched. But now it looks like it is taking over the iPhones completely. The feature is supposed to be affected by a serious bug and instead of only working for the scheduled time, it is silencing the iPhone completely.

The Do Not Disturb allows you to set a specific period of time when your iPhone will not give any notifications of any calls or message unless pre-programmed otherwise for a number or a set of numbers. Unfortunately, since the midnight of 31 December it started getting a glitch and instead of limiting itself to the scheduled period, it is silencing all the notifications. As the glitch came on the New Year's eve and is still there, people faced a lot of trouble and are quite furious.

Now, millions of iOS 6 iPhone users are reporting the glitch. But there is a silver lining here. Apple has acknowledged the bug and has also promised that it will be fixed by 7 January 2013.

The problem is that you can't just do turn it off and then on again to get rid of it for sometime, we already tried. The only thing you can now do is turn off till it gets fixed.


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