Monday, December 17, 2012

Upcoming features of BB 10's keyboard showcased

Touchscreen keyboards,once thought a niché, is now a very well used feature in mobile devices. RIM was always known for its QWERTY keypads but it wants to make a mark in the field of touchscreens. This is what they are trying to do with the BB10 OS. To show thr amount of thought and effort that went into the making of BB10's keyboard, company's Head of Software Portfolio, Vivek Bhardwaj gave a short walkthrough of the keyboard.

He shared some of the new features company has added to the keyboard, especially the adddition of spaces between words automatically. With the help of this you can literally skip the spaces between words and the keyboard will take care of it. According to BlackBerry, you can continue with your train of your thought without worrying about putting spaces. There are some more features that Vivek was keen to spot like the visual design of the keyboard and personalised vocabulary suggestions. Lets have a look at the video in question.


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