Monday, December 31, 2012

The most useless machine

Machines are now an important part of our life and thus, we are surrounded by them 24X7 in one way or another. A whole lot of machines is made every day and while some are useful some are not. Deciding the most useful or the most useless machine is a subjective issue, but this machine gives it a very serious try.

The machine defies your every move. Named "Useless machine advanced edition", it turns itself off whenever you flick any of the 8 switches to on position. Its owner, forn4x, built the device when his Canon 850i managed to break its printer head but all the other mechanics and electronics were still usable. Its maker decided to put printer's optical sensor and DC motor to some annoying work, since he din't think the printer was worth fixing. Here you go with the video, forn4x uploaded on YouTube.

Here is the list of parts he used.

  • ATMega8
  • H-bridge(BD137+BD138)
  • LCD(to have the capability to set the switch positions)
  • PWM outputs(for the servos)
  • Encoder inputs, switches inputs and internal pullups
  • 7805 voltage regulator
Making this piece of work can be really entertaining and to take care that you don't come across a problem, you can download the schematics and code, to see how it works, by clicking here.

As a matter of fact, a similar thing has already been done but with only one switch and the above mention is a successor to the original one, "most useless machine". You can have a look at that one too.


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