Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some Galaxy SIII dying suddenly

Samsung Galaxy SIII is one of the most powerful and successful phones in the smartphone universe. Its hardware is still praised and top notch and gives latest smartphones a run for there money. Samsung Galaxy SIII recently made news when a XDA developer discovered a security hole in Exynos 4 series processors.And now, many SGSIII users are reporting their devices being bricked suddenly. These devices just don't reboot after it is charged overnight or if its screen is turned off.

The issue was first seen on Reddit where it gained quite a traction and it links to a XDA submission which started last month and got more then 600 comments. According to the users, the smartphone's mainboard is the culprit in this issue and that the flash memory is getting corrupt and failing. Reportedly, Samsung is replacing the phones with issue under warranty whether they were rooted or not or they had custom firmware installed but Samsung is replacing the mainboards with those of the same revision so the issue might crop up again.

Samsung hasn't officially acknowledged the problem but the employees at Customer Care Centers have reported this issue to be happening to many people recently. It is yet unknown how widespread the issue is but Samsung won't either acknowledge the problem neither comment about it.


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