Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Pope tweets for the first time

Pope Benedict XVI

Everyone was hoping for this to happen today and it has happened. Pope Benedict XVI, leader of the catholic church has tweeted for the first time.

Pope's first tweet

Pope Benedict XVI's official twitter account went live on December 3rd with twitter handle @pontinex and has gathered more then 864000 followers since then. There will an additional six language-specific accounts of the Pope for German,Spanish, Polish, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic languages.

This tweet has Pope's own words, typed by an aide. But "send" button was hit by the pontiff himself using an iPad. The pope's arrival was reported for several months now and last month it was confirmed. Social media related papal declarations criticize the presence of fake and link baiting accounts, and the importance of social media for priests.

The footage of the Pope pressing the send button for the first time has been released. Here you go with it.


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